It’s February, but that Doesn’t Mean Veronica is Going to Wear a Shirt

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Veronica pulled out all the stops when she picked out her outfit for Valentine’s Day. I tried picking out her clothes, but she was NOT going to wear pants and she was NOT going to wear a shirt under that sweater. This outfit was 100% Veronica’s doing. 
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    Lol- she is too cute. Thankfully Aubs doesn’t really care what I put her in yet. Except she did insist on wearing only her diaper and a pair of sandals that are too small around the house all morning.

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      Sounds like Aubs is well on her way to developing her own fashion sense! For the most part C and V don’t care what they wear, but when they decide to voice their opinion on the matter, they get very vocal. Sometimes I use picking out clothes as a bit of bribe to get them through diaper changes, which they now fight me on.

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    Too funny! I remember when my kids were that age – they had very specific ideas on what they were going to wear too. It was so much easier to let them be themselves than to argue with them about it. Besides I like letting my kids make their own decisions on things like that – within reason of course.

    Peace. ;)

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      My girls can be particular about what they wear. I agree with you that it’s so much easier to let them pick out their own clothes than it is to battle with them when it’s time to get dressed.

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