All the Desserts

Pumpkin and apple pie are the staples for Thanksgiving dessert. A little vegan whipped cream with the pumpkin or a scoop of vanilla coconut ice cream on the apple, and you’re good to go. I am, anyway. The word on the street is that there are some crazy people out there who don’t care for pie. And there are pie lovers who don’t like apple or pumpkin. Then there are the folks who just want something different. Or who like to put on a dessert feast that’s as expansive as the dinner itself. I’m in the traditional camp. Bring on a slice of pumpkin pie, with a sliver or apple on the side. If vegan pecan pie is available, I’d love a bite of that, too. But if you want something more or something different, I’ve got you covered. You definitely do not need to be vegan to fall in love with these treats!

Cakes and cupcakes are good any day of the year, including Thanksgiving. It’s easy to bring all the best fall flavors into a bite of moist cake with sweet, creamy frosting. 

apple pear cake

vegan apple pear cake

pumpkin apple spice cake with ermine frosting

vegan pumpkin apple spice cake with ermine frosting

peanut butter carrot cupcakes

vegan peanut butter carrot cupcakes

pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing 

vegan pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing

pumpkin spice latte cupcakes

vegan pumpkin spice latte cupcakes

maple cupcakes

vegan maple cupcakes

Cookies are a nice option for a Thanksgiving dessert buffet. You can offer a variety of flavors on a single platter. You can make cookies bite sized, so portion control is easy. They’re also easy to send home with you’re friends and family, so you aren’t tempted to eat all the leftovers the next day! 

spiced rosemary chocolate chip cookies 

vegan spiced rosemary chocolate chip cookies

cranberry sweet potato cookies

vegan cranberry sweet potato cookies

apple peanut butter cookiesvegan apple peanut butter cookies

pumpkin coconut sugar cookies

vegan pumpkin coconut sugar cookies

brown sugar cardamom snickerdoodles

vegan brown sugar cardamom snickerdoodles

ginger snaps

vegan ginger snaps 

Cookie bars, crumbles, crisps, tortes…they’re all versatile and great. They offer a different texture and a bunch of flavor options. These are a great option to take to a Thanksgiving dinner, where you are a guest. It’s one pan, easy to add to the buffet, and they can feed a crowd without too much work. 

date crumble bars

vegan crumble date bars

caramel apple upside down cornmeal cake

vegan caramel apple upside down cornmeal cake

pumpkin chocolate chip bars

vegan pumpkin chocolate chip bars

raspberry jam bars

vegan raspberry jam bars

caramel apple crumble torte

vegan caramel apple crumble torte

deep dish cookie pie

vegan deep dish cookie pie

simple skillet blueberry apple crisp

vegan simple skillet blueberry apple crisp

pumpkin pecan caramel bars

vegan pumpkin pecan caramel bars

Spoonable desserts, like ice cream, custard, and pudding, are an opportunity to present individual desserts in fun dishes. Warm or cool. Alone or paired with a slice of pie. These desserts are certain to make your friends and family happy.

cinnamon toast ice cream

vegan cinnamon toast ice cream

pumpkin custard

vegan pumpkin custard

butter maple pecan ice cream

vegan butter maple pecan ice cream

slow cooker pumpkin rice pudding

vegan slow cookier pumpkin rice pudding

roasted peach ice cream (use frozen peaches, since they aren’t in season)

vegan roasted peach ice cream

pumpkin chocolate pudding

vegan pumpkin chocolate pudding

maple mocha ice cream

vegan maple mocha ice cream

 Lastly, a few vegan pies. Because, pie.

blueberry pear pie

vegan blueberry pear pie

caramel apple pie

vegan caramel apple pie

banana cream pie (gluten free)

vegan banana cream pie

pumpkin coconut cream Oreo pie

vegan pumpkin coconut cream oreo pie

cran-apple pie

vegan cran-apple pie

nutty chocolate caramel pie

vegan nutty chocolate caramel pie
lattice crust apple pie

vegan lattice crust apple pie


  1. Ricki says

    Oh, my goodness. . .I am SO drooling over here! What a stellar dessert roundup. Thanks so much for including my cupcakes and caramel apple crumble in the mix! I think I could live on these desserts until NEXT Thanksgiving. . . !! :D

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